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Lordi - Recordead Live (2019) Blu-Ray

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Lordi - Recordead Live (2019) Blu-Ray
Description: Creepy-crawly atmosphere in summer: On 26th July, the Finnish monsters LORDI release their brand-new DVD "Recordead Live - Sextourcism In Z7" via AFM Records. Besides the live cut of the show in Pratteln/Switzerland during their latest "Sextourcism" tour, the DVD provides a lot of bonus material, including some real rarities. The Live show itself has a playing time of two hours. "We just cut a little bit of my stupid announcements on stage", so Mr. Lordi about the impressive duration. "Apart from that, everything that happened this evening ended up on this DVD." The choice of the Z7 is a matter of duration as well: There is no club that hosted LORDI as often as the location next to the German border. On every tour the band played, the musicians hit up in Z7. For that reason, the club became something like a second home to the Finns over the years. The issue of recording a DVD is a premiere: Though there are some live records of LORDI, "Recordead Live - Sextourcism In Z7" is the first official Live DVD, fully approved by the musicians. A plan that LORDI had been pursuing for years and finally were able to put into practice during the "Sextourcism" tour. Mr. Lordi about: "I am very happy that we waited until the "Sextourcism" tour, because we look amazing, the stage looks amazing and everything was perfect to create a stunning DVD." The bonus material is stunning as well: Alongside a tour diary with LORDI, the DVD provides all of the official video clips the band ever made. Among them a real rarity, the very first official music video for "Inferno" made in 1995.
Genre:Heavy Metal
Quality:Blu-Ray | 1080i
Format:M2TS | 17.09Mbps
Length:02:02:20 + 01:01:40 | 22.68Gb
Video:H.264 | 1920x1080 | 16:9 | 29.970fps
Audio:LPCM | 1536kbps | 48kHz | 2 channels: L R
01. Sexorcism
02. Would you love a monsterman?
03. Missing Miss Charlene / House of ghosts
04. Your tongue's got the cat
05. Heaven sent hell on earth
06. Mr Killjoy
07. Mana solo
08. Rock the hell outta you
09. Blood red sandman
10. It snows in hell
11. Hella solo
12. She's a demon
13. Slashion model girls
14. Naked in my cellar
15. Rock police
16. Ox solo
17. Hug you hardcore
18. SCG9: The documented phenomenon
19. Evilyn
20. The riff
21. Amen solo
22. Nailed by the hammer of Frankenstein
23. Devil is a loser
24. Hard rock hallelujah
01. Inferno 1995 
02. Would you love a monsterman? 2002 
03. Devil is a loser 2002 
04. Blood red sandman 2004 
05. Hard rock hallelujah 2006 
06. It snows in hell 2006 
07. Who's your daddy 2006 
08. Would you love a monsterman? (2006 Version) 
09. Bite it like a bulldog 2008 
10. This is heavy metal 2010 
11. The riff 2013 
12. Scare force one 2014 
13. Hug you hardcore 2016 
14. Naked in my cellar 2018 
15. A day in the life of Sextourism by Jessycho - documentary
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